TED Countdown Dilemma Series, #2

How do we get the world off fossil fuels quickly and fairly?

October 5-6, 2022
London, UK

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What are the realistic pathways off of fossil fuels and towards a world of abundant clean energy? In this collection of TED Talks and exclusive interviews, we asked experts, activists and thought leaders in the space to weigh in. Here’s what they said:

Conversation Starters

How do we move from fossil fuels to clean energy – quickly and fairly? Here are a few thought-provoking prompts to help you start the conversation with your organization, friends, family and followers.

Some experts suggest that low and middle income countries need fossil fuels  in the short-term for development, including lifting people out of energy poverty. Do you agree or disagree, and why? 

Some communities’ economies are highly dependent on fossil fuels or carbon-intensive processes. How do we ensure a just transition that doesn’t leave those people behind?

What do you think the biggest obstacle to the rapid scaling of renewable energy is right now?

Are there lessons we can draw from other major social movements as we transition away from fossil fuels?   

Watch the Full Stage Sessions

Watch the Full Stage Sessions

Dilemma thinking toolkit

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