Global Launch

To make progress on climate action we need to collaborate on a global scale - and your community has an important role to play.

On 10.10.2020, Countdown will launch globally with a virtual event, and we invite you to join us. Watch online at home with your family and friends, or sign up below to host a TEDx Countdown event of your own with your community, in your language, for your time zone.

Over four sessions, you’ll hear from leading thinkers and doers about what a healthy, abundant, net-zero carbon future can look like; examples of real progress underway; and reasons why this moment is the time to act. The livestream will begin at 11am ET and will be available online afterwards. Sign up to receive more information about the program when it’s released.


Anyone, anywhere can sign up to host their own TEDx Countdown event, of any size on 10.10.2020 or afterwards. These events can take any shape – you might host a watch party featuring talks from the event, curate original local talks, facilitate breakout conversations following the virtual sessions or invite a local leader or artist to welcome guests or share a performance.


Once your application is accepted, you will be given a TEDx license under which to host your event. While most events this October will need to be virtual, we expect that some communities may be ready to meet in person. We advise everyone to pay attention to local guidelines about gatherings.


To help make your event successful, the Countdown team will provide the following resources after you sign up:

  • Training: virtual sessions about how to organize a great virtual or in-person TEDx Countdown event; these will be led by our team and experienced TEDx organizers

  • Toolkits: a host guide with discussion topics and program details, as well as a design identity kit with graphics to use for your event’s digital and physical spaces


Businesses can also register to host TEDx Countdown events for their organizations – including live speakers and/or watch parties – free of charge. These events are for an internal audience only, and the TEDx business license fees are waived.

Following the 10.10.2020 Global Launch, there will additional opportunities to keep your community engaged in Countdown. You can host and facilitate small-group climate conversations with your community through regular Countdown Circles and / or plan to host your own event alongside the Countdown Summit in 2021. Sign up to stay informed.