Local COUNTDOWN events
To make progress on climate we need to collaborate on a global scale, and your community has an important role to play.

On 10.10.2020 (and the week following), hundreds of local Countdown events – Countdown TEDx events – will take place in communities, schools and companies around the world to share ideas, showcase solutions and drive action locally. These events will bring the Countdown Summit directly to you – and showcase globally all of the incredible work your community is doing for the Countdown initiative.

We are inviting everyone – community leaders, employees, representatives of local governments, students and educators – to sign up to host an event. Join us!

What does a Countdown TEDx event look like?

Your Countdown TEDx event could take any shape. You could:

  • Discover and stage the ideas that can drive climate impact: Hold a local Countdown TEDx event with talks that offer new solutions and local perspectives on climate change. More about organizing TEDx events.

  • Stream highlights from the Countdown Summit to your community: Organize a watch party featuring talks from the TED event in Bergen (this can also be alongside live speakers).

  • Organize volunteer activities around climate: Show your community how they can engage on issues related to the climate crisis by inviting them to give back locally. Here, the only limitation is your imagination, and we will soon share examples with you of ideas coming up from around the world.

Interested? Apply to host a Countdown TEDx event.


Countdown TEDx event resources

To help make your event successful, the TEDx team will be providing the following resources after you sign up:

  • Training: Live hangouts from the TED World Theatre about how to organize a great event, featuring our team and experienced TEDx organizers.

  • Toolkits: A host guide with discussion topics and program details, as well as a design identity kit with graphics for your event’s digital and physical spaces.

  • Access: Leverage the incredible global, grassroots TEDx network around the world! Learn and share innovative practices with other teams in your region.

Special guidelines for businesses

Businesses can host Countdown events for their teams – including live speakers and/or watch parties. These events are for an internal audience only and the TEDx business license fees are waived. For more information about TEDx events in businesses, visit the TEDx business events page.

Interested to find out if an event is being planned near you? Sign up and you will be the first to know.